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We've compiled a list of questions and answers to hopefully make your purchase decision easier. Can't find what you're looking for? Feel free to email us. 

Q: Why does it cost so much for the protectant coating on the Adirondack Furniture?
A: Because we use a water based product which brings out the white cedar variations. Other places use an oil base which tints the wood. We have to apply a minimum of four coats and sand in between. The other guys don't always do this. 

Q: Can I apply a protectant coating to the chairs myself?
A: Of course! We recommend Verathane's Spar Urethane for Outdoor Furniture. Just ensure the furniture is clean and follow the instructions.

Q: Is the Adirondack furniture free of splinters and smooth to sit on?
A: Yes! We do an extra finishing sand with 220 grit on the chairs to ensure they are smooth and ready to be finished.

Q: Are your Michigan Adirondack chairs comfortable?
A: Yes! They are not your typical Adirondack "low rider" chair as we call them.  These you will sit up more in and it will be easier to get up after relaxing for an evening. 

Q: Why should I buy from Michigan Studio? I see other companies with similar items.
A: We stand behind every product we sell and if we don't make it ourselves, it goes through a rigorous process to ensure its the best quality. We strive to make sure out pictures and descriptions are accurate to the end product. 

Q: Can I leave my Adirondack Furniture outside during winter?
A: We highly recommend storing your wood Adirondack furniture during winter. However, you can leave any of our poly Adirondack furniture outside during winter. We do recommend covering it to prevent any possible damage from storms.

Q: Can I see your furniture in person?
A: Yes! Check out the Where to Buy page. We can also make appointments at our shop.